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On site there are pods of hippo, the Cape clawless otter, the rare Pel's fishing-owl, trumpeter hornbills and kingfishers.


Following in the footsteps of the herbivorous mammals are the carnivorous species of the South African bush. Lion, leopard, hyena, cheetah, African wild dog, and the Nile crocodile are some of the prominent predators residing in the Kruger region. Smaller predators include jackal, mongoose, civet, and genet, among others. These animals can be seen when you book a safari in one of the Kruger reserves. 


Some of the world’s largest mammals find their home in South Africa, where elephant, giraffe, hippo, buffalo, and rhino reside in the wild Kruger Park. Your day trips into big five reserves will lead to unforgettable sightings of these large species, in addition to general game, such as zebra, impala, kudu, gnu, waterbuck, bushbuck, duiker, and steenbok. The Blyde River is also home to hippos and crocodiles while the Cape clawless otter has also been spotted on occasion.


Tall and majestic indigenous trees shroud most of the island, with three distinct biospheres making up the 8 hectare island. An abundance of birds can be observed, including the trumpeter hornbill and Pel’s fishing-owl. There are actullay over 365 species of bird in the Blyde River Canyon, making it an absolute birder's paradise.

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